DFO Style Files: Girl’s night out – the ISO edition

News| 6th May 2020
DFO Style Files: Girl’s night out – the ISO edition
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We see you extroverts there. Bored on the couch and just ITCHING to get dolled up for a night on the town. While your favourite bars may not be open for cocktails with the squad, we don’t think that is any excuse not to go all out from the comfort of your own home so keep reading for your ULTIMATE #ISO lady date.

DFO Style Files: Girl's night out - the ISO edition

Step one: Get pampered. Your Saturday night commute just got a lot shorter so why not use the extra time to indulge in some self-care. Got a hair mask you have been wanting to try out? Chuck that bad boy in your locks! Mani/pedi session in front of the latest The Bold Type episode? Obviously. Trying out that makeup tutorial you saw on Tiktok? No time like the present to finally nail that clean cat eye! Top off your look with the perfect red lip colour from The Cosmetics Company Store’s range of MAC lipsticks.

Step two: Let’s get dressed. And we’re not talking a fancy top with sweatpants. Put on your fanciest dress for the ultimate selfie and your highest heels – after all, you don’t have to walk too far in them tonight! When your friend’s text to ask what tonight’s outfit vibe is, send them a snap of this sequin number from Portmans and the Famous Footwear’s Lecoy heels.

Step three: Time for some frosting! DIY that Kirakira Instagram filter in your selfies with some statement earrings like these diamante creepers from Colette. While you may not NEED a handbag tonight, a statement bag like the Oroton ‘Maude’ bag looks too perfect with this outfit not to document, so sling it over your shoulder and enlist your #Husband/HousemateOfInstagram to get snapping!

Step four: Pour yourself a cocktail or mocktail (see our current faves below), join your Houseparty lady date and get gossiping. First on the agenda: The Bold Type season finale…

Limoncello Martini:
30ml Limoncello
60 ml gin or vodka
15ml vermouth
Lemon twist to garnish

Lemon Basil Spritzer:
3 fresh leaves of basil, muddled
2 lemon wedges, muddled
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons simple syrup
¾ cup sparkling water
Basil leaves to garnish


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